Who Are We ?

Kosso Consulting is, in France and abroad, the advice specialist and support to companies wishing to penetrate the Iraqi market.

Created by an Iraqi consultant in autumn 2011, a specialist in the Iraqi market, installed and working in France for 22 years now, having an extensive network in Iraq and France as the French MEDEF and Business Center in Baghdad among others. He also worked in Iraq, working with many French companies in the 1970s.

M. Namrod KOSO works in family since he is working in collaboration with his son, M. Karlo KOSO.

The genesis of Kosso Consulting

Mr. Namrod KORKIS KOSSO, Iraqi market Consultant Specialist, has a dual French and Iraqi culture, he is part of a network of influential Iraqi diaspora, lives and works in Paris for over 20 years. M. KOSSO had several missions with the French embassy in Baghdad in 1970s and 1980s, he built a French network that has allowed him to develop various activities in France since his expatriation. Thanks to his varied experiences in different positions as a business leader, he has developed a business sense and a very thorough market analysis, earning high decision makers trust.

Structure and Partners

Kosso Consulting is based in Sannois, France, the company is also represented in Baghdad and Erbil. These two geographic areas are the most strategic in terms of businesss since Baghdad is the capital of the Republic of Iraq and Erbil is the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region, rich in oil and gas.


MEDEF International

The French Business Center in Baghdad

Kosso Consulting participates in many international exhibitions in Iraq.

Our Value

We build a sincere relationship based on loyalty and transparency.


Kosso Consulting combines hands-on industry experience and innovative thinking plus our consultant's commitment to achieve the best results for our clients.

The combination of all these virtues makes Kosso Consulting able to share the experience.


Contact Us

If you would like to know more about Kosso Consulting and our services please contact us. We will get back to you shortly.