Kosso Consulting

Kosso Consulting, in France and abroad, advises and supports companies wishing to penetrate the Iraqi market. She manoeuvres alongside actors and governments to meet the challenges and opportunities in transforming value.

Recently, the Iraqi market, which has been closed and inaccessible for a while, gradually reopens to occidental companies who has great opportunities ahead of them! However, the complexity and the difficulty of penetration of this market should not be neglecting

French companies are very welcomed in this market and Kosso Consulting your entry visa. Because you need Iraqi experts and Iraq also needs to be rebuilt! Huge investments in infrastructure, a reorganization of the government and its partners are opportunities today for French companies, but also for European companies.

  • La Gamme Renault
  • La Gamme Renault

Our Value

We build a sincere relationship based on loyalty and transparency.


Kosso Consulting combines hands-on industry experience and innovative thinking plus our consultant's commitment to achieve the best results for our clients.

The combination of all these virtues makes Kosso Consulting able to share the experience.


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